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Makeup School

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Like out of a fashion magazine, the unique, modern and luxurious design of the school’s branches is derived; colors and special style that were meticulously selected out of an emphasis on a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, plasma screens that surround the entire area of the school and enable seeing the work that is being done in that time and productions that were done by our team of experts.
In 2004 the first school was founded in Haifa and it is the chain’s flagship store, that since has raised and trained thousands of students and graduates who are successful and who lead the fashion industry in Israel and abroad.

Over the years additional branches have been founded in the north and center of Israel with branches located in Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak, Haifa, Karmiel, Krayot, Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shmona. In addition, there are 350 sales and marketing points all across Israel.

The professional courses are taught by the school’s professional team that has been professionally and personally trained by Yossi Bitton.

The lessons are held in small classes, which enable personal and intimate teaching, for each and every student.

The makeup stations that are located in the school’s lobby enable each student to come at any hour of the day and practice and strengthen the methods taught during the course.

On the school’s premises there is a makeup store that sells the unique product line of Yossi Bitton makeup -B Cosmic. The store includes the best of the professional makeup products that will be matched by the experienced and skilled staff to each client personally.

At the end of the makeup course 2 certificates are given, an international diploma and a professional diploma of the Ministry of Economy.
The makeup studies include a wide variety of specializations that enable each student to become integrated in the field she is most connected to. In the school the following specializations are taught – bridal makeup, evening makeup, fashion shows, stills and TV makeup and personal makeup for everyday life.
In addition, the school offers group courses in which you can learn personal makeup, unique continuing education programs for advanced makeup artists, individual makeup workshops and innovative and up-to-date makeup methods, as well as makeup and evening services.